Monday, February 17, 2014

How to change/correct your name on NADRA CNIC?

How to change/correct your name on your National Identity Card by National Database and Registration Authority Pakistan. It is not such a daunting task and requires maximum of three days for the procedure that you will have to carry out.

Personally going through the process and not finding about it anywhere on the internet I thought I should share with my fellow Pakistanis related to it.

Following are the documents that you should arrange before going to NADRA Office for name change/correction:

  1. An affidavit (halaf nama) on a stamp paper worth Rs. 20/- (can be collected from the court you visit) stating that you have decided to either correct or change your name written in the current CNIC and get it signed by 1st Class Magistrate. This is done from nearby District Courts (Kachehri). 
  2. You will have to give a name change/correction advertisement in one English Newspaper and two Urdu Newspapers e.g. (The Nation, Nawa-e-Waqt and Jang).
  3. Original Educational Documents e.g. (Matric, Intermediate) or any supporting document according to which you are proposing to change/correct the name.
The process inside NADRA Office:
  1. Collect token from teller machine and wait for your number (The toughest patience task)
  2. Upon your turn show your documents to the person on the counter follow his instructions and collect a receipt number from him which will be your identification inside the office for next processes
  3. Go to photo section and get a new shot
  4. Go for thumb impression desk for thumb verification
  5. Go to data entry desk to re-enter your date, this is the point where you have to tell the person that you have applied for name change/correction. Show him your documents again and also check through as he re-enters your remaining details. A print of form will be sent from this desk.
  6. Collect the form
  7. Final Desk will re-check all your supporting documents and will issue you the form with his signatures.
  8. Get this form attested from 18th grade government officer.
  9. Bring the attested form along with supporting original documents (Matric Certificate, Inter Certificate, Affidavit copy, Newspaper cuttings) to the office and visit the counter saying (Form Receiving)
  10. Submit the form and they will tell you time (minutes, days) after which you can collect your CNIC from the CNIC receiving counter. 
Simple, but very tiring and exhausting if you don't know the processes and you are completely new to the office. There are no volunteers to support or assist you in the office. This information might still not be complete or I might be missing out something. 

If so, I would be happy to hear from you about it.